Dogma Chaotica

Home With No House, Prologue

The party accompanied Alice Nora to Aegryndoun; Alice’s group needed informing and supplies for the journey were needed. Among other items, Alice sought a map of possible paths to the settlement sites, a way to contact her followers, and some local news.

On the way there, the party encountered two groups, both easily dealt with. The first was some Arcane-Twisted Panthers: animals that had magic but never gained sentience, in this instance causing them to act as if rabid. The second encounter was a group of raiders in which the party captured the leader, Larelle Wils, a Female Wolf Sorcerer, and turned her over to the Aegryndoun Law House, collecting a small bounty in the process.

One they had arrived at Aegryndoun late in the day, the party encountered an example of politics, in this case between two port-based houses, Orca House Tirlae of Feldra which was ambushed by Otter House Rohaln of Niros. The two houses sent representatives to negotiate a fair compromise of the waterway use. Tirlae wanted priority given to its Arcane goods to bring in more money across factions while Rohaln felt its shipping of resources (wood, ore, etc) took priority. The party saved Tirlae from the ambush, earning their favor and Rohaln’s ire.

Meanwhile, Alice was busy taking care of most of the business needs of the group. Using her top negotiating skills and a bit of charm, she was able to pick up many essential supplies for a price almost what the vendor paid for it. As far as her followers and contacting them, she was able to enchant a pair of mirrors, allowing her to contact her her followers with updates on the journey.

As far as news goes, she discovered the exact locations of the three sites she had heard rumors about and was going to investigate. In addition, the Thols that had attack Alekker and Delornen also hit Farsin, causing a collapse in the major trade tunnel to Nolairnas, leaving only the recently unused walking route.

Upon meeting again with the party, Alice showed them the map she had drawn up with the possible routes. The party chose the northern path, to Farsin.



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