Dogma Chaotica

Home With No House, Part 1

The group traveled to Farsin, only to find it under night ambushes by Thol attacks. The Thols had built a Seismic Pulsar, designed to tear up roads, cause cave-ins, rip up crop lands too late to replant, and anything else they can use to cause harm. The group, after a round of gathering information, discovered someone had given the Thols a way to get around and into the town.

The group tracked down the Thols, taking out their sentries and finally causing their machine to be dismantled. Naja Salaheem gave her life for the good of the team and the town, taking many hits while performing the crucial task of dismantling the Pulsar. Unfortunately, Naja took one too many hits when the Thols turned desperate, resulting in her tragic death. They gave her brother sent to track her down the news, which he sent off along with the body back to her home town.

While the group was off dismantling the machine, Alice did some work investigating. With the right questions and more than just a little charm, she discovered the one responsible for the information leak: Darris Loran, a Kangaroo whose family had been captured during the Alekker war and was threatened to release what they wanted to know or his family would suffer. Two weeks passed since he gave the information and he had yet to see his family. After confronting him, realizing what he had gone through, Alice started boasting that she had done the town justice by bringing its wrath upon the one who leaked the information.

After the town believed the sell-out to be dead, Alice told Darris where he could go for safety and gave instructions to a contact in the town in the event his family did show up. As thanks for her help, Darris gave his only remaining possession to Alice.

After an eventful day, the group rested up and decided they would take the cavern path up to Nolairnas, forcing Alice to have to wait with the vehicle to make sure the road ahead will be safe.



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