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  • Elemental Attunement

    Elemental Attunements are common for [[Aegs]]; in fact few do not have them. Each Alignment provides one of the stat choices for the Aegs as well as bonuses to spells and a "racial" power. Players can choose from one of these: * [[Fire]]: High Offense …

  • Lightning

    * *Standard Coloration:* Bright yellows and/or blues * *Ability Score Increase:* +2 Dex or +2 Int * *Lightning Speed:* After you have moved 3 squares, you can shift through 1 square instead of normal movement. * *Power:* You have the Lightning …

  • Thunder

    * *Coloration:* Dull Yellows * *Ability Scores:* +2 Str or Con * *Thundering Rage:* The first time you are bloodied in an encounter, push each enemy adjacent to you and the enemy who bloodied you one square. * *Power:* You have the Demoralizing …

  • Poison

    * *Coloration:* Light or Bright Greens * *Ability Score:* +2 Cha or Dex * *Critical Poison:* When you get a critical hit, the target takes a -1 stacking penalty to Attack (Save end) (This counts as a poison effect). * *Power:* You have the …

  • Psychic

    * *Coloration:* Purples * *Ability Score:* +2 Int or Cha * *Telepathy:* You gain Telepathy 5. If you have Telepathy from another source, increase the range by 5. * *Power:* You have the Detect Attack Power.


    * *Coloration:* Pale colors * *Ability Score:* +2 Con or Wis * *Control of Force:* Whenever you are subjected to forced movement, you can increase or decrease the distance by 1. * *Power:* You have the Repositioning Force Power.


    * *Coloration:* Blues * *Ability Score:* +2 Int or Con * *Mighty Glacier:* While slowed or Immobilized, you have +1 to all defenses. * *Power:* You have the Frost Pulse Power.


    * *Coloration:* Reds and Oranges * *Ability Score:* +2 Str or Dex * *Burning Rage:* While you are bloodied, gain +1 to damage rolls per tier. * *Power:* You have the Blaze Power.


    * *Coloration:* Whites or Light Colors * *Ability Score:* +2 Wis or Cha * *Empowered Recovery:* Whenever you or an ally within 5 spends a healing surge, that character gains a +1 power bonus to one defense until the start of your next turn. * * …

  • Unaligned

    * *Coloration:* Natural * *Ability Score:* Take both given by your race * *Versatility:* Choose an additional feat at 1st level * *Extra ability:* Gain an additional At-Will power at 1st level. [[Elemental Attunement | Back To Elements]]

  • Necrotic

    * *Coloration:* Dark, Purples * *Ability Score:* +2 Cha or Int * *Surge of Power:* When you roll a natural 20 on an attack roll, the target is weakened until the end of its next turn. When you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll, you take a -2 …

  • Acid

    * *Coloration:* Dark or Deep Greens * *Ability Score:* +2 Str or Wis * *Acidic Attacks:* Whenever you inflict a penalty to Attacks or Defenses, increase that penalty by 1. When you inflict a penalty to Damage, increase that penalty by 1 per tier. ( …

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