The Illuminated is the Classic “Divine” religion. It is the most widespread religion of the Thols. Two major sects, along with a few small other ones, comprise this religion. Throughout all the sects, all Illuminated share these common beliefs:
  • Their god has no name, but is referred to directly as “He” or “Him;” whatever masculine pronoun is appropriate.
  • The sun is a representation and reminder of their god. When the sun is out, His power is infinite, but when it rests, His followers must take over to ward off evil.
  • The sun represents goodness, the night represents evil. Evil creatures may be refered to as being “born of the night,” “nightborn,” or just simply “evil.”
  • There are two major officials, Priests and Paladins. Priests tend to deal with healing and curing, while Paladins deal more with defense and physical labor. All sects will have both, but not necessarily a balanced number.
  • Officials in the order are ranked as follows (in order of increasing importance): Initiates, Followers, Brother/Sister, High [Occ.], Grand [Occ.], Enlightened [Occ.], Avatar. A Brother/Sister is considered fully capable of doing most tasks asked by the church, such as general defense or curing soldiers. Ranks with [Occ.] would be said as High Priest Tim, Grand Paladin Rosa, etc.


The Dawn-Touched is the largest sect, as well as the most vocal. It has a high proportion of Paladins to Priests, due to their teaching of how to handle nightborn. Dawn-Touched believe the proper way of handling them is to make it repent or destroy it if it refuses. The members of this sect are taught to take preemptive actions against anything that is evil to prevent it from doing any more harm. All Brothers/Sisters are considered capable of judging the creature of being evil or not. Defense of other Illuminated this way as well as other tasks and helping those not yet touched by Dawn to see the light are their way of following their order’s practice of helping those who the order considers unable to help themselves.


These members tend to be more passive than the Dawn-Touched, when tends to earn them some ire. Members of this order tend to be Priests, as their teachings advocate nonviolence unless provoked. Most people in this order tend to help those by curing or healing those in need, and hope that those who have not yet been blessed will see their example and join their ranks. The Day-Blessed are more passive in this way due to the teachings about the nightborn. The church warns them to stay away from evil, as they will receive their ultimate punishment upon passing. While the church does instruct its followers to defend themselves if attacked by nightborn, destroying it should only be as a last resort, as to kill is to become evil.


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