Aeg Introduction

You feel somewhat dazed. You know who you are, but something feels off. You feel different; you can’t quite put your finger on it. You do know a few things. You were lying down in a cot, but now you’re sitting up, more awake. You’re in a room, decently lit, and the walls are covered in different colors and patterns. While there isn’t any particular style in common, the mix still is pleasing to the eye. As you scan the room, you notice leaning on the door is a blue dragon, but with more of a humanoid form than the ones you’ve seen.

The dragon steps closer, into the main light and you can see him more clearly. He is wearing clothes, just simple shirt and pants, nothing showy but still appealing.

“Ah. Good. You’re awake,” says the dragon, “I’m here to introduce you to the world.”

You’re a bit confused. Introduce you to the world? Weren’t you just in it?

“You still seem a bit out of it, so let me explain a few things. First, you’re here. This is Winlè, a world unlike yours. We have beings like me-humanoid animals. We also have the various human races, elves, dwarves, everything from your fantasy media. How you got here, whether by your own desire or someone else’s, is irrelevant because you’re here now. As for your new body, I’m pretty sure you didn’t have one of those,” he motions to behind you, and you realize you now have a…tail? “and I think you used to have skin. Regardless, your consciousness made a successful transfer; all of your memories and experiences are intact in your new form.

“Now I’m sure you want to know about the world. We—and this includes you—are creatures called ‘Aegrynds,’ but no one uses the full name, everyone just refers to us as ‘Aegs.’ The main beliefs of the Thols—the humans and humanoids—preaches the inherent vileness of the Aegs. Obviously, this causes some…tension.” By how he inflects his words, you get the feeling that things are a lot worse than they actually are. “You’ll learn more about the world as time progresses. Now that you’re awake, you should follow through this door, and get your identification papers in order; just because the two societies dislike each other doesn’t mean there’s not dissention and paranoia within each.”

Having said his speech, he leaves through the door. After deciding that this isn’t a dream, you follow through. While walking through some elaborately decorated halls, you come to the registration desk. The attendant, a male puma, hands you a Form, and indicates the areas you need to fill out.

Aeg Introduction

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