Thol Introduction

You awaken in a room, head pounding, Scanning around the room for any hint of where you are, you notice first that this is a very simple room; it looks as if the designers just wanted a room, and didn’t care about decoration. It isn’t ugly, in fact, now that you consider it, it’s almost elegant in its simplicity. The next thing you notice is what you can only assume to be a temperature control machine, based on what it’s doing and how comfortable it is in here. You walk around the room for a while, inspecting the pipes leading away from it, and notice a door. You try it and find that it’s locked. After pacing around the room for a while, you start doing the only thing left to do: call for help.

A short while after you’ve been making noise, someone enters through the door. You turn and see that it appears to be a female and, by the raiment she has on, some high ranking member of the church, most likely a paladin. She carries herself well; she must be a person of importance.

“Oh good, you’re finally awake. Normally we come in on shifts, when others like you normally waken; it’s a good thing I wasn’t busy.” She says that with a feeble chuckle, and you get the feeling that, while she doesn’t dislike you, she was doing something and is annoyed at the spontaneous interruption and feigning her bubbly speech pattern.

She must have seen something on your face while you were thinking that because her expression changes as well. “Actually, I was in the middle of some important church work. I was almost finished too, but then I was called up here, and one can’t keep the new person waiting.” That’s genuine annoyance. “There was a recent attack on one of our groups by the Aegrynds, a race of beast men, those Aegs ambushed a church group sent to recapture some escaped convicts. They seem to have a superiority complex in that anything they deem weaker than themselves they attack as part of some ‘right of might’ or something idiotic like that. Of course, they always run away when I’m the one attacking.

“Oh, sorry, I tend to get caught up in my work, I completely forgot the introduction.” She clears her throat and starts to rattle off a well-used speech, “You are here. This world, Winlé, is not like yours, as here we have many more races. Whether by choice or someone else’s desire you are now in this body. All your personal memories and experience are intact; the only thing that has changed is your shell. You are most likely not the same person you were before, although you may still share similarities. You are part of a group of beings referred to as Tholgrunds, or Thols for short. Now for the history of Thols…” The history takes a while to complete, Something about the capital city of Tholgrund being the engineering center of the world and something about the importance of the Illuminated religion; it was quite long and you’re not sure you remember all of it.

“Now, if you could follow me down the hall,” she says, now breathless herself from the long history, “I just need to get some information about you noted down, what abilities you have, skill set, and the like, and we can then figure out where you should head off to from there.”

Thol Introduction

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