Geygans base themselves around a religion devoted to the land. The earth is inherently pure, and thus can purify anything be it creature or magic. No Geygan by definition practices any magic besides Primal, although some may be attempting to convert to such a way from another power source.

Primary Geygan beliefs include:

  • Magic is inherently dangerous.
  • Sentience leads to impurity.
  • Those who wield wild magic further corrupt themselves and can damage others.
  • The earth is pure and can purify everything.
  • Wild magic channeled through the earth will become pure.
  • Living in harmony with the earth will purify the self.

When most people first think about the naturalistic Geygans, the free-form, lax, carefree, “hippie” lifestyle comes to mind. This is almost the opposite of the case. Geygan enclaves are universally small by design and nature. Living off a small area of land and working with it makes it not easy to support a multitude of people, so each enclave will very rarely have more than 100 members.

This small group size lends itself well for a couple reasons. Each member knows one another, and it is easy to identify outsiders. The other is that it allows the enclaves to be highly structured, and each member will know who to consult for the correct information. Their organization also allows them to be very militaristic when the need arises, and members are usually trained in self defense if not outright combat.

While Enclaves may be small, they will often be near another and will engage in trade or other interactions. Unless necessary, most of the time only a few members will be sent to negotiate trade or other interactions if nothing else than by habit of culture. Trade often leads to hybridization of new crops or plants, and can have interesting effects (e.g. Malef Moss)


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