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The World of Winlè is a truly strange one indeed. Two main Nationalities, based off the two capital cities of Tholgrund and Aegryndoun are opposed to the other as well as internally. The Thols (Or less affectionately “Togs” or “Oilers”) are the standard set of races, Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Gnomes, anything Human-Like and their variations. The Aegs (Or derisively, “Gyds” or “nightborn”) are comprised of more feral races. These races appear to be anthropomorphous animals, covering everything from Dragon to Mouse.

Each side’s beliefs play a major part in both cultures. The Thols have a divine religion that claims the Aegrynds were born of the Night, and as such made from evil. They believe that Arcane magic is a sign of evil, as it is a sign that the user is incapable of the Divine. To compensate for the lack of the more flexible magics, they have made incredible advancements in technology.

The Aegrynds hold much different beliefs. They believe that their existence came from a common evolution, but somewhere along the line split and branched off into the sentient races that exist today. Their beliefs are that the Thols are overcompensating with their religion for the lack of innate survival abilities, and that their intellect won’t be enough to keep them safe. Some more extreme believers will go out and try to prove this short coming. The arcane magic is explained as the source from which Aegrynds come from and calls for use of this magic; that it is a gift that should be used and that those who refuse to or can not use it are a waste of space.

These beliefs and how engraved they are in the cultures have led at first to wars, and recently to just very tense, and often broken, nonviolent tolerance. All that it would take to cause another mass war would be for a few more things to snap.

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