National Traits

The Thols are a group of human-like creatures and constructs. All of them avoid attempting to practice Arcane magic, as even the unreligious ones will still obey the laws from the Theocracy. As a result, the ability to practice Arcane magic is nonexistent in any Thol’s blood. A large majority of them are Illuminated, while others are either Geygan or nonreligious. Most feel animosity towards and from the Aegs, often calling them “Bestial Gyds,” “Nightborn,” or similar derogatory names. This hatred may be from personal reasons, like a family member killed or a town destroyed, or it may be a passive, impersonal hatred inherited from society.

Technology is vastly important, since Thols can only master less flexible magics. Most cities will have Technology centers with government employed mechanics to monitor and repair anything that might go awry. Some machines have been adapted to harness Divine magic, usually restorative tools or occasionally offensive machine, but most use electricity or steam. Some of their more notable inventions include various vehicles, Radiance Cannons, Cure Batons, modular buildings, and many other tools to make life easier and more efficient.

Machine parts have become so widely-used, scrap material like cogs, metal pieces, and wires can be used as currency alongside the standard gold and silver pieces. It’s not uncommon to see people, especially engineers or mechanics, to be carrying around a bag of them for currency or even to make minor repairs or to create small machines.

Gameplay Mechanics

For a complete write-up of the allowable race (listed below), refer to the Player’s Handbooks. Add any extra bonuses in addition to the Handbooks’ racial bonuses. Common does not exist in Winlè which has instead been replaced by “Thol” as the common language among Thols, and no Thol would ever learn the Aeg language. Some choose to learn Brint, the only language of the neutral merchant cities.

Most Thols are either Divine or Martial classes, some have recently discovered innate Psionic abilities, and most Geygans practice Primal magics. Thols are incapable of being able to harness the raw Arcane energies of the world, the one exception being Artificers, in which they can choose either arcane or divine as their power source and are treated in universe as if they use Divine magic to assemble their machines.

Allowed Races

  • Human1: Generalist of the races.
  • Dwarf2: Steadfast Engineers.
  • Halfling3: Dextrous Hacker-Mechanics.
  • Gnome4: Intelligent energy experts.
  • Elf5: Mobility specialists.
  • Eladrin6: Innovative designers.
  • Drow7: Deceptive fighters.
  • Half-Elf8: Communications management.
  • Goliath9: Powerful constructors.
  • Kalashtar10: Specialization machinists.
  • Shardmind11: Magical constructions.
  • Warforged12: Mechanical sentient constructs.

1 Human

“The world made, He set to populate it. From the ground he clave a figure, and instilled it with the Soul from Light, and said unto him: ‘Human: for so long as you do not stray from the Light, you shall have success in all that you do.’”

Humans, as in most settings, are the most common race among Thols. Covering about 32% of the population, Humans are found in almost every town and city. Being skilled in many things, humans often congregate in larger numbers in bustling metropolises as a better chance they will find some job they are capable of doing.

Humans tend to congregate freely with other races who enjoy having them for their variety. Rarely do humans work without other races involved. Many Humans open repair or modification shops to play off their “jack of all trades” role. Some will specialize but will usually be able to do other forms of work. Humans are found in all lines of work, but if there’s any concentration of the race in occupations, it tends to be in diplomatic positions or other spots requiring working with others outside the workplace.

Humans are not as skilled as Dwarves at building sturdy machines or as Elves as building quick machines or as any other race as their specialty, but they are usually capable of doing it all at least somewhat well. This gives every Human a +1 bonus to any checks involving Machinery.

  • Humans reach maturity by 16, are old by 35, and live about 60 years
  • Human males stand about 5’10" with females standing about 5’5"
  • Males average 190 lbs while females average 170 lbs

2 Dwarf

“Human soon sought beyond the plains and the trees. They went down, into the earth to gain Mastery of the ground itself. The deeper Humans went, the more they became as the rock. Sturdy they became, but stooped from the digging; they had become a new breed. When they emerged from the ground, so changed were those now called ‘Dwarves’ saw they were no longer Humans.”

Dwarves are the second most common race, coming in at about 12%, are are usually seen in many towns and cities. Dwarves are fiercely loyal to their families, which is very noticeable in predominately Dwarven societies if only subtly present in others. Few Dwarves without good reason will ever willingly abandon their families.

In society, Dwarves find reliable work in construction and repairs; a Dwarven-made product is like a guarantee in durability. Dwarves tend to socialize mostly with themselves and their families, but they get along with other races, except Elves. Dwarves favor function over form, to the annoyance of the very artistic Elves.

3 Halfling

4 Gnome

5 Elf

6 Eladrin

7 Drow

8 Half-Elf

9 Goliath

10 Kalashtar

11 Shardmind

12 Warforged


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